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I apologize to myself.

I am pushing myself to far to fast or just to fast, not really sure which way this is going.
My short term memory malfunction is causing havoc and my laziness regarding writing things down. Makes remembering to actually visualize the mechanics of daily activities is not something that comes natural to me. 

Vacuuming, seriously consider all the actions we preform for this simple task. After vacuuming I am in pain, exhausted and down right ticked off at myself for at least 2 days after.

Dishes are not bad, until, because of vacuuming I am unable to attend to them because of result of vacuuming, I forget and stand to long and blam down again.

I start doing stretching exercises and wait what puts weight where and what pulls what and oh crap I am down again.

Heck just typing in the proper form is a real chore.

I am not whining I am stating that I need to get myself organized...I will be able to look back at this and say oh yeah, hopefully before I have said oh crap again.

I will be posting a plan for myself so I can check each day and see how far I have come or what held me up and so forth...wish me luck.

Hope all are well and Happy holidays.

My mood: very amazed

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Posted on 02:43AM on Apr 17th, 2013
thank you your support is refreshing.
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