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I have been dealing with a lot of nonsense with my health lately. I finally have a decent doctor again. I had to sign a pain medication contract, which I have been asking to sign one for over a year.

I have a very "Unique" case of Fibromyalgia. Because I  am Bi-polar with rapid cycling Hypo-manic states and am dealing with post traumatic stress disorder the typical treatments using anti-depressants are not an option for me. I only have one choice (which means no choice) I need narcotics to help me be able to live a semi-active life.

I am finally able to cook and actually got my appetite back. I have begun Ti-chi. I plan to start using a mineral heated pool for another form of exercise and with luck by January will be able to return to my walking routine.

I found a lot of support on this site and for that am really thankful.

I am beginning to research Fibromyalgia sites to enter into any study groups they might have near my area. I want to help others like myself.

Once I am on the proper work out road (hehe), the next step is stopping smoking.

I am truly thankful for all that I have in a time when so many have so much less than me.

I will keep ya'll posted.


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