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Fun with Tremors

I have repeatedly thought on this topic, considered writing a book even.

I was diagnosed with an essential tremor, it is a genetic condition family related type thing. My diagnosis came early because a medication I was taking caused this family trait to present early. My tremor is mostly in my hands, although I also show it in my face, I get the joy of biting myself.

Many will know what I am writing about, those with MS, Cerebral Palsy and many other neurological conditions get to share this most un-awesome challenge.

I personally became unable to be around people for a while because when nervous this tremor became very visible. Then I realized I could laugh about it, I started making a game with it.

For instance; when playing Texas Hold'em Poker, my tremor was at first misconstrued as a "tell" (for those who do not play, a tell is a way other players can figure out if your bluffing or not), yup for the first couple of weeks I did pretty well. :)

I created a game with preparation and consuming of my food. For me this was the most devastating to my self image. I felt if I can not eat in front of friends or in public, I truly was a non human. I was told by my neurologist to work on fine details, for instance writing, I thought heck with all that, lets play. 

 I named the game, "How much will make it to my mouth." I must caution you it gets messy, but hey, what is a little mess if you can learn to laugh with yourself.

To play this game you will need a few items:

Soup, you gotta eat it you choose. (I chose Campbell's Tomato)
Bib and/or heavy towel

This is not just a game for soup it works for all foods. I chose soup to begin with because it seemed the most challenging.
The first phase involves actually getting the soup into the bowl. (Note: you can cheat/adapt here, a microwave one can prepared soup will do the trick and it is not really cheating, it is commonly referred to as adapting.) The next phase is getting the soup to the table. The third phase, and most fun, is the actual eating of the soup.
I should let you know that if you truly are hungry you may want to consider eating something else, because you may be disappointed the first couple of tries.
What is a game with out some way of keeping track? The scoring goes a little like this: If in phase one (getting to bowl) you can manage a to get a little more than half a bowl and have spilled at the very least a large enough amount on the counters that some has made it to the floor for your furry friends to help in clean up your a rock star. 
Phase two: (getting to the table) If you still have enough left to actually bother with sitting down and eating your still in rock star status. Plus your furry friends are probably very happy to know you at this moment. If you do not have enough left that you must go back to the start, well, you are still a rock star, just a hungry one.
Phase three: (consuming the soup) If you have enough to start eating there are two ways to go about this; you can either just dive in with the spoon and pray your bib and towel are placed correctly, or you can attempt to pick up the bowl, skipping spoon entirely, and pray your teeth are strong enough to take the punishment. I personally choose option number three, crackers with spoon. Breaking up the crackers absorbs the liquid and you have a better chance of getting this into your mouth with a little less mess. I am a rock star.

When I first started playing this game I made the goal, not to have any left to eat, My cats love me.

I will continue with these installments as they come to me. Eventually I will post them in a story room :)

Let me know what ya think gang hope all is well


My mood: a bit amused

Surprises are not always a good thing

Monday was an extremely stressful and almost bad day.

My oldest Cat B.R. had to go into the veterinarian. He had been throwing up all night long, occasionally he will do this, especially during hairball season. I did not think much of it, I figured I would just clean it up in the morning and that would be that. 
This was not the case, he had been throwing up blood, I did not panic at first because it was only pinkish and a very small amount. After discovering that it was not just once but over three times and each icky discovery showed that he had gotten worse through out the night.
I live on disability income so I am very extremely happy that I have a neighbor with the same great love of our furry friends because I could not afford what he needed. Thank you all the powers that are for her and her friendship.

He has some sort of ut infection. We picked him up from the vet after he had some fluids while they did the test. On our way home we encounters some very strange weather, even for Oregon. It hailed in under five minutes the car, the road, trees, and houses looked as if it was the first snow fall of winter. We could not hear each other speaking.

We did eventually make it home safely. :)

BR is recovering slowly, and because of my neighbor and friend my boy and I are still alive. 

To those of you who might not understand how my cat being ill is a stressful situation; B.R. is my companion animal, he has saved my life more often than I can count. At my darkest hours, I simply remember, if I am not there in the morning the feed my kitties B.R. (broken rings) and Princess (should have named her deva) no one else will be either.

I turned off my cable and as soon as I am able to get a low income cell phone I will be turning off my phone. 
This whole situation reminded me of how important so many things are to me. The artificial pleasures are last on my list of importance.

My list begins with me is followed by my cats and family and friends. This list is kinda all one word for if I do not have one of them I do not have any of them.

I have also renewed my desire to get my smoking onto the history/past list.
With any luck all of this will stay fresh with in my memory and help me to maintain and continue to improve.

Day by Day and occasionally hour by hour, I move forward to self improvement and empowerment.

I hope all are well and enjoy what they have while they have it .


Discovery is not always pleasant

I have been dealing with a migraine for about three weeks now. My medications were not helping, I gave in and went to the doctor. I discovered the source of my migraines was a sprained neck. 

How does one sprain there neck without knowledge of the initial injury? I was also informed that this is probably the source of my vertigo and nausea...I am flabargasted. 

I was not able to sit in front of my computer for any length of time because of the ensuing headache. 

I am very happy, I did not have to deal with my regular doctor she was on vacation. I actually met with a physician that cared about me. She was kind informative and down right nice to have met. 

I wish to be better sooner rather than later, however I know my body will recover in its own sweet time. 

I also have lost 7 pounds, would jump around happy but that would hurt :). I do not recommend this type of dieting; I have been unable to cook and food was the last thought on my mind. Please do not try this at home. :)

I hope everyone is well and happy.

I found an answer and got the care I needed. I figure this is a decent time to practice patients, especially since I have no choice. (snicker).

Been a while

I apologize to myself.

I am pushing myself to far to fast or just to fast, not really sure which way this is going.
My short term memory malfunction is causing havoc and my laziness regarding writing things down. Makes remembering to actually visualize the mechanics of daily activities is not something that comes natural to me. 

Vacuuming, seriously consider all the actions we preform for this simple task. After vacuuming I am in pain, exhausted and down right ticked off at myself for at least 2 days after.

Dishes are not bad, until, because of vacuuming I am unable to attend to them because of result of vacuuming, I forget and stand to long and blam down again.

I start doing stretching exercises and wait what puts weight where and what pulls what and oh crap I am down again.

Heck just typing in the proper form is a real chore.

I am not whining I am stating that I need to get myself organized...I will be able to look back at this and say oh yeah, hopefully before I have said oh crap again.

I will be posting a plan for myself so I can check each day and see how far I have come or what held me up and so forth...wish me luck.

Hope all are well and Happy holidays.

My mood: very amazed

I dislike losing my temper

It happens, I understand that.
Especially when we encounter not so nice and rather rude disrespectful people.

I do my best to turn the other cheek as they say, sometimes though, especially when it is internalized anger toward my me, I truly do not know what to do with it. 
I clean, my house other than vacuuming is, well, spotless, yet again. Funny thing, I do not hurt one bit while in one of these rages. This type of outburst and no pain episodes generally occur only when I am angry with myself, I seem to need to be utterly pissed off at self.

I will figure it out, I truly hope I will any way. :)

I have also recently discovered, I have been more and more capable and able to stand up for myself. I am able to stand up for friends and those less capable than myself pretty much my whole life. Standing up for myself though is not something I could manage. In just the last 2 weeks I have been able to tell friends and family and a couple neighbors that I need them to leave me be so that I could take some me time. It is a scary thing and very difficult for me to hold this in my short term memory. I will get this skill in my long term memory, I will recognize that I can and am capable of saying No and No thank you and Not right now without feeling like I am having a root canal without the benefit of anesthesia.

I think that is enough for today.
I hope all who read this are well and doing better each day on their independent roads to self happy.


Things are looking up

I have been dealing with a lot of nonsense with my health lately. I finally have a decent doctor again. I had to sign a pain medication contract, which I have been asking to sign one for over a year.

I have a very "Unique" case of Fibromyalgia. Because I  am Bi-polar with rapid cycling Hypo-manic states and am dealing with post traumatic stress disorder the typical treatments using anti-depressants are not an option for me. I only have one choice (which means no choice) I need narcotics to help me be able to live a semi-active life.

I am finally able to cook and actually got my appetite back. I have begun Ti-chi. I plan to start using a mineral heated pool for another form of exercise and with luck by January will be able to return to my walking routine.

I found a lot of support on this site and for that am really thankful.

I am beginning to research Fibromyalgia sites to enter into any study groups they might have near my area. I want to help others like myself.

Once I am on the proper work out road (hehe), the next step is stopping smoking.

I am truly thankful for all that I have in a time when so many have so much less than me.

I will keep ya'll posted.


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